Welcome to my website

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am Joe Walton, born  in 1952 in a North East mining village. I moved to Worcestershire in 1987 where I have remained to this day.

For me, painting started in the 70’s when I undertook two years of formalised lessons. Sheila Mackie a well-known North East artist and teacher got me started but I am mainly self-taught. Over the years I have worked with most media as part of the learning curve and exploration of painting. In the past I have exhibited solo and joint exhibitions, the most recent being a Solo Exhibition at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Currently most of my work is exhibited and sold from The Original Artwork Store in Malvern Worcestershire, www.theoriginalartworkstore.com. I have identified such work with a (G).

Recently I have adopted a different, simplified way of observing while trying to keep an organic slightly evocative feel to my work. I am settling down to this style which is becoming easily identifiable. Palette Knives with Acrylic or Oil paint are my tools and mediums of choice as they suit my temperament and the subjects I enjoy. The results being both immediate and rewarding to me.

The ARCHIVE section of this web site shows older work and the way I used to paint.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through the contacts page regarding both old and new work.